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I set up dogDFNDR for one very simple reason: I couldn’t find a coat that would fit my dog properly. A Vizsla called Cooper. All the coats we tried were either too short or too loose – or both – on his long and slim body.

And I wasn’t alone. Many owners I talked to were also struggling to find coats to fit their beloved pooches properly. Especially those with longer and slimmer breeds such as Greyhounds, Whippets, Dachshunds and Corgis. So, I decided to start making coats myself with these dogs in mind.

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My dream

As a professional dog walker and a professional seamstress – an unusual combination, I know! – designing and making dog coats is a dream job. One that I love. And one where I aim to deliver the very levels of quality and comfort. And, of course, the right fit and style for all our doggie customers. Guaranteed to gets tails wagging.

All our dog coats are made to order. Tailor made for your dog. We will discuss not just your dog’s measurements but also their activities and their own individual quirks. We will then get to work creating the perfect coat. All our coats are handmade by my handpicked and passionate team of seamstresses here in Somerset. They’re made with the best quality, most durable and practical materials and fabrics we can find. They’re also made with love.

     The dogDFNDR team.

Why Your Dog Needs A Coat

While it is true that some dogs with thick fur won’t need a coat, in most cases choosing a good quality jacket for your pooch is essential to their happiness and health. Smaller dogs that have more trouble retaining body heat, coupled with a breed that has short fur and low body fat, being out in the cold for any length of time could become unpleasant and even uncomfortable for them. What about the rain? Does any pampered pet really like being out in the rain given the choice? 

  • Is your dog feeling the cold? (see our Blog on the subject)
  • Does your pet shiver in the wind?
  • Are they wet for hours after the walk if it is raining? When you come in and hang up your soggy wet coat, unfortunately your best friend doesn’t have the same luxury. 
  • Does your dog hate the rain even if it isn’t particularly cold outside?
  • Would you like your dog to be more visible in the dark to passing traffic?
  • Want a coat that is a little different and hand made in the UK?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then we have a coat to fit your needs. 

Here at dogDFNDR.com we concentrate on manufacturing dog coats that will address many of the practical problems listed above. From warm, fleece lined coats to water-resistant softshell coats that have a thin fleece cotting lining – offering protection against the rain when it is warm outside. Coats offering a reflective option provide extra safety at night as an additional benefit.

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